Oil paintings of Cornwall. Some available for sale, or you can commission one.


Rinsey Point, Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall
Framed oil on canvas. Canvas size 8 x 8” £160.
Depicting a turbulent sky which blurs into the headland in the distance where the rain is falling. The dark silhouette of land in the foreground provides a contrast of permanence against a transitory background.


Porthleven, Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall
Framed oil on canvas. Canvas size 8 x 8” £160.
A wave is captured breaking onto the rocks both near to the viewer and further along the coastline, the spray flying up into the air.


Windy Day at Constantine Bay, North Cornwall
Oil on canvas board. 10 x 12” £90
The sky on this painting is threatening rain and the turbulent sea has constantly breaking waves along the shoreline. The headland in the distance is almost completely veiled by mist.


Lundy Bay, North Cornwall
Oil on canvas. 6 x 12” SOLD
My favourite beach in Cornwall, this is a magical place. The darkness of Rumps Point on the left of the painting provides a contrast to the constantly changing play of light reflected in the layer of seawater thinly covering the sandy beach.


Towan Beach, The Roseland, Cornwall
Oil on canvas. Deep edge canvas. Canvas size 8 x 8” £140
A breezy day at Towan Beach, showing the contrast in textures of the rock, the slightly choppy sea, the beach, fields and hedges and the rapidly changing sky.

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