A selection of seascapes around the British Isles painted in oil on canvas.


Isle of Ghia, Scotland
Oil on canvas board. 10 x 12” Not for sale
Wonderful light characterises this Scottish island. This painting is of dusk when the pink of the sky is beginning to infiltrate the view.


Inch Beach, County Kerry, Ireland
Oil on canvas. Deep edge canvas. Canvas size 8 x 8” £140
On the day I saw this view I was inspired by the cloud formations with extremes of light and dark above sun-drenched sand dunes with dark hills behind.


Plemont Bay in the Mist, Jersey
Oil on canvas board. 10 x 12” Not for sale
This was a very atmospheric day with sea mist obscuring much of the coastline. The receding tide had left large pools of water and created little streams of water flowing through the sand.

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